Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are clinically led membership groups of GP practices.

CCGs plan, commission and performance-manage a range of local health services for their population.

There are over 200 CCGs in England and, between them, they manage most of the NHS commissioning budget for England.

CCGs were formed after the Health and Social Care Act 2012 was passed, devolving a range of commissioning responsibilities to CCGs from Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). 

CCGs are membership organisations and are statutory bodies, accountable to NHS England. NHS England is a new body that ensures that CCGs have the capacity and capability to successfully commission services for their local population. NHS England also ensures that the CCGs meet their financial responsibilities.

At a local level, Health and Wellbeing Boards in local authorities ensure that CCGs meet the needs of local people and, by bringing CCGs and local authorities together, better understand the health, social and wellbeing needs of their community.

Public health, which was previously overseen by Primary Care Trusts (PCTs), is now also the responsibility of local authorities. The role of public health teams in local authorities and Public Health England  is to prevent disease, reduce health inequalities and promote healthy living for the population as a whole.

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