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Newbury and District Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for securing, planning, designing and paying for your NHS services, including planned and emergency hospital care, mental health, rehabilitation, community and primary medical care (GP) services. This is known as commissioning.

We firmly believe that placing clinicians at the heart of NHS commissioning means we can work with our partners and communities to make real improvements in local health and wellbeing.

The CCG is made up of 10 GP practices, with their registered patients mainly living in the West Berkshire local authority. 

The CCG has a Board as its Governing Body, membership includes GPs, nurse director, chief finance officer, chief officer and lay members. The Board works closely with, and is supported by, a Council of Member Practices.

The Council of Member practices in Newbury and District is strong and interactive, with each practice represented by a GP and Practice Manager. Council meetings and forums form the basic working structure for this interaction but in between meetings, key messages are co-ordinated and introduced by the Council Chair.

Formed as a network of practices who share best practice, analyse and respond to activity and performance data together to guarantee a clear focus on priorities, and feed in to initiatives as they develop, influencing the way in which they are delivered.  

NHS Newbury and District Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a statutory health body.

All our publications are available here.

All the details of our Governing Body meetings in public are available here.

As commissioner, the CCG decides which health services should be provided, who will provide them and how they should be paid for.

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are clinically led membership groups of GP practices.

Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups have a team of pharmacists, who work to help us get the best out of medicines for our population

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